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2017 Portland Producers List

Table #1
2 Towns/Traditions - Corvallis, OR
  Est. 2010
Prickle Me Pink
‘Cot in the Act
Hop & Stalk

Table #2
Atlas Cider Company - Bend, OR
  Est. 2013

Table #3
d’s Wicked - Kennewick, WA
  Est. 2011
Wicked Baked Apple
Wicked Chanilla
Boyz N Berry (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table #4
Mission-Trail - Bradley, CA
Est. 2014
Plum Jerkum
Fairyland (Pluot Jerkum)
Nectarine (Barrel Aged)
Panama Jones (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table #5
Pear Up - E. Wenatchee, WA
Est. 2012
Watermelon Pear
Pear Essentials                 
Pearjito Colada
Blood Orange Pear (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table #6
Portland Cider - Clackamas, OR
  Est. 2012
Kinda Dry                 
Blueberry Bourbon Basil Collaboration
Mango Chile (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table #7
Schilling Cider - Auburn, WA
Est. 2013
Grapefruit & Chill
Passport Pineapple & Passionfruit
Emerald City
Red Tart Cherry (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table #8
^5 Cider - Portland, OR
  Est. 2016
Kaiju Blossom
Strawbassarous Hop
Pink Passion (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table #9
1859 Cider Co. - Salem, OR
  Est. 2016
Limited Release

Table #10
Alter Ego Cider - Portland, OR
  Est. 2014
The Brute Apple Cider
The Dark Royale Black Currant
The Guardian Angel Blueberry Pomegranata

Table #11
Apple Outlaw - Applegate, OR
  Est. 2013
Jefferson Dry
Thompson Creek Cellar Cuvee
Thompson Creek - Heritage
Southern Peach (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table #12
Bad Granny Hard Cider - Lake Chelan, WA  Est. 2016
Bad Granny Original
Bad Granny Black Currant

Table #13
Anthem/Wandering Aengus - Salem, OR
  Est. 2005
Anthem Tea
Anthem Pear
Anthem Watermelon Gose
Anthem Blackberry (Fruit Cider Challenge)
Wandering Aengus Bloom
Wandering Aengus Cellar Door
Wandering Aengus Bittersweet

Table #14
Aspall Cyderhouse
- Suffolk, Eng.  Est. 1728
Aspall Dry                 
Aspall Peronnelle’s Blush
Aspall Imperial
Craigie’s Ballyhook Flyer - Wicklund, Ireland  Est. 2011

Table #15
E.Z. Orchards - Salem, OR
  Est. 2009
Hawk Haus Cider
Cidre Semi-Dry
Pomme 2013 Norman Style Pommeau

Table #16
Baird & Dewar Farmhouse Cider - Portland, OR
  Est. 2012
2014 Constitution
2014 Farmhouse
Sour Kriek Cherry
The Emperor Black Currant - (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table #17
Bauman’s Century Farm - Gervais, OR
 Est. 2015
Peach Raspberry
Clydes Dry
Mango - (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table #18
Bull Run Cider - Forest Grove, OR
  Est. 2010
Trespass Apple
Strawberry Fields
Bramble Berry
Plum Tired (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table #19
Carlton Cyderworks - Carlton, OR
  Est. 2009
French Lane Press
Summer Set
Rhuberry - Raspberry & Rhubarb
Passionfruit (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table #20
Cider Riot! - Portland, OR
  Est. 2013
1763 Revolutionary West Country
Never Give an Inch
Everyday Semi-Dry
Strong Passionate Fruit (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table #21
Ciders of Spain - Newport, RI  Est. 2012
Sidra Avalon
Sidra de Pera
Sidra Fanjul
Guzman Riestra Sidra Brut Nature

Table #22
Dragon’s Head Cider - Vashon, WA
  Est. 2011
Wild Fermented Cider
Traditional Cider

Table #23
Hopworks Urban Brewery - Portland, OR
  Est. 2007
HUB Cider
Blueberry Cider

Table #24
Jester & Judge - Stevenson, WA
  Est. 2015
Gun Poser Earl Tea Cider
Pineapple Express

Table #25
Finnriver Farm & Cidery - Chimacum, WA  Est. 2008
Fire Barrel
Lavender Black Currant
Cider Summit Saison Collaboration
Port Style Apple Wine

Table #26
Doc’s Cider - Warwick, NY
  Est. 1993
Dry Hopped

Table #27
La Familia Hard Cider - Salem, OR
  Est. 2017
Jamaica Hibiscus Semi Sweet
Tamarindo Sweet & Tart
Manzana Apple - Sweet                 

Table #28
Locust Cider - Woodinville, WA
  Est. 2015
Honey Pear
Blackberry Sage

Table #29
Manoir du Parc - Normandy, France
  Est. 1925
Authentic Cidre
Authentic Poire

Table #30
McMenamins Edgefield Cider - Troutdale, OR  Est. 1992
Edgefield Estate Cider
Barrel-Aged Perry Dry
Blackberry Cider
Passion on the Rocks (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table #31
Montana CiderWorks - Sula, MT
  Est. 2002
North Fork Traditional
Small Batch - Dolgo
Darby Pub Cider

Table #32
Orchard Gate Ciders
JK’s Farmhouse
Jk's Farmhouse Scrumpy
JK’s Farmhouse Northern Neighbor
JK’s Farm Batch #2
Thistly Cross
Thistly Cross Traditional    Est. 2008
Thistly Cross Whisky Cask
Thistly Cross Ginger

Table #33
New West Cider - Portland, OR
 Est. 2014
Armadillo - Single Hop
Blood Orange Mango
Pina Colada (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table #34
Red Tank Cider - Bend, OR
  Est. 2012
White Cherry
Pumpkin Pie

Table #35
Samuel Smith’s Brewery - Tadcaster, England
  Est. 1758
Samuel Smith’s Organic Cider
Samuel Smith’s Organic Perry

Table #36
Square Mile Cider Co. - Portland, OR
  Est. 2013
The Original
Hopped Apple Cider
Ginger Pear Cider

Table #37
Reverend Nat’s - Portland, OR
  Est. 2011
Revival Hard Apple                 
Viva la Pineapple!
Sacrilege Sour Cherry
Barrel Aged Bodhisattva (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table #38a
Sea Cider - Saanichton, BC
  Est. 2007
Prohibition Rum Barrel                 
Wolf in the Woods
Birds and the Bees Cyser
Table #38b
Worley’s Cider - Shepton Mallet, England  Est. 2005
Mendip Hills Semi-Dry
Premium Vintage
Special Reserve Keeved

Table #39
Swift Cider - Portland, OR
  Est. 2014
Dank Hop                 
Pineapple Macaroon
Blueberry Lavender (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table #40
TooleyBender Cider - Battle Ground, WA
  Est. 2014
Pineapple Paradise
Tropical Cooler
Strawberry Twist
Black Currant (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table #41
Tumalo Cider Co. - Bend, OR
  Est. 2016
Tangerine Coconut
Ginger Barrel

Table #42
Ulee’s Light Cider - Portland, OR
  Est. 2016
Ulee’s Light Cider Dry
Ulee’s Light Cider Citra
Table #43
Woodbox Cider Company - Portland, OR
  Est. 2016
Americana - Sidra
Pippin Dry
Summer - Dry Hibiscus Grapefruit

Table #44
Seattle Cider Co. - Seattle, WA
  Est. 2013
Semi Sweet
Harvest Series Rotation

Table #45
Spire Mountain Ciders - Olympia, WA
  Est. 1984
Blackberry Pear Cider
Dark & Dry Apple
Crisp & Dry Apple

Table #46
Tieton Cider Works - Yakima, WA
  Est. 2008
Sparkling Perry                 
Rambling Route Apple
Tieton Cherry
Blackberry Mint (Fruit Cider Challenge)
Table #47
Wildcraft Cider Works - Eugene, OR
   Est.  2014
Elderberry Perry
Wild Rose

Table #48
Winesellers, Ltd. Est. 1977
Le Brun Brut
Dunkerton’s Black Fox Apple
Mayador Sidra Natural

Table #49
Hi-Wheel Wine & Mead Co. - Portland, OR
  Est. 2014
Lavender Lemon
Blackberry Habanero
Ruby Zozzle
Boysenous Temptation (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table #50
Nectar Creek Mead - Corvallis, OR
  Est. 2012
Sting Ginger
Brood Raspberry                 
Cluster Cranberry/Strawberry

Table #51a
Bandon Rain - Bandon, OR
 Est. 2016
Raspberry Cranberry Storm
Cranberry Squall
Don't Burn Gorse

Table #51b
Crush Cider Café - Hood River, OR  Est. 2015

Table #52a
Runcible Cider - Hood River, OR
  Est. 2016
Light of the Moon - Oaked
Old Hoot
Black Currant Twang (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table #52b
Slopeswell Cider Co. - Hood River, OR
  Est. 2015
Emperium Hopped
Peach (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table #53
Incline Cider Co. - Auburn, WA
  Est. 2016
Explorer Hopped
Compass Rose Hibiscus
Scout Marionberry Hopped
Lemongrass & Rendle’s Gin cocktail

Table #54
Niche Imports - Cedar Knoll, NJ 

Schonauer Apfel Liqueur
Dom. de Coquerel Calvados VSOP
Dom. de Coquerel Calvados Fine

Table #55
J. Seeds Cider Whiskey - Fairfield, CA
Cider Whiskey
Apple Ginger Snap Cocktail
Cold Press Cocktail