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Binny’s Apple Spirits Pavillion

Rhine Hall Unaged Apple Brandy
Rhine Hall Aged Apple Brandy
Rhine Hall 5 Months Apple Brandy (Binny's Handpicked)
Rhine Hall Unaged Pear Brandy
Rhine Hall Unaged Cherry Brandy
Rhine Hall Pommeau

Claque Pepin Calvados Fine
Claque Pepin Pommeau

Osocalis Apple Brandy

Signatory Craigellachie 8 year old

Table 1
The Northman - Chicago, IL Est. 2016
The Northman Pub Cider 

Table 2
Uncle John’s Hard Ciders – St. John’s, MI  Est. 2001
Melded Bittersweet
Lost Orchard Heirloom
Michigan Mule Cocktail
Brandy Ol’ Fashioned Cocktail

Table 3
Mesh & Bone - Chicago, IL  Est. 2016
Cidre Pomme & Poire

Table 4
AeppelTreow Winery  - Burlington, WI  Est. 2001
Siskin Scrumpy
Blackbird Berry Cider
Sparkling Perry
Apple Brandy

Table 5a
Rendles’s Original Gin - Surrey, England  Est. 1942
Rendle’s Original Gin
Rendle’s Cider Cocktail

Table 5b
Spice Note Tequila - Chicago, IL  Est. 2015
Cinnamon Tequila
Cumin Tequila
Cinnamon & Cider Cocktail
Cumin & Cider Cocktail

Table 6
Teavine - Flint Hill, VA  Est. 2013
Teavine Elderflower
Cider Snap

Table 7
Journeyman Distillery - Three Oaks, MI Est. 2010
Old Country Goodness Apple Cider Liqueur
Last Feather Rye Whiskey

Table 8
J. Seeds Apple Cider Whiskey - Fairfield, CA
Cider Whiskey
Apple Ginger Snap Cocktail
Cold Press Shooter 

Table 9
Old Forester & Slane Irish - Louisville, KY Est. 1870
Old Forester Signature - 100
Old Forester Statesman
Old Forester Cider Cocktail
Slane Irish Whiskey

Table 10
ACE Cider - Sebastopol, CA Est. 1993
Space Blood Orange

Table 11
Ciders of Spain – Newport, RI  Est. 2012
Fanjul Sidra Natural
Guzman Riestra Sidra Brut Nature
Viuda de Angelon Sidra 1947
Viuda de Angelon Sidra de Pera

Table 12
Anthem Cider / Wandering Aengus – Salem, OR  Est. 2005
Anthem Honeycrisp
Anthem Rose
Anthem Pear
Anthem Oaked Cherry (Oaked Cider Challenge)
Wandering Aengus Bittersweet
Wandering Aengus Calville Blanc d’Hiver
Wandering Aengus Cellar Door

Table 13
B Nektar Meadery – Ferndale, MI  Est. 2008
Zombie Killer
Death Unicorn
Dudes Rug

Table 14
Original Sin Cider – New York, NY  Est. 1996
OS Hard Cider
OS Black Widow Cider
OS Dry Rose Cider

Table 15
Schilling Hard Cider  – Auburn, WA  Est. 2012
Dry Cider
Passport Pineapple Passionfruit
Bark & Bite (Oaked Cider Challenge) 

Table 16
Vermont Cider Co. – Middlebury, VT  Est. 1991
Woodchuck Amber
Gumption Original
Magners Irish Cider 

Table 17
Vermont Cider Co. – Middlebury, VT  Est. 1991
Wyder’s Pear
Wyder’s Prickly Pineapple
Wyder’s Reposado

Table 18
2 Fools Cider - Naperville, IL  Est. 2016
Dry Hard Cider
Hopped Hard Cider
Tart Cherry Hard Cider

Table 19
2 Towns Ciderhouse – Corvallis, OR  Est. 2010
Ginja Ninja
Serious Scrump

Table 20
Angry Orchard – Walden, NY  Est. 2012
Angry Orchard Rose
Understood in Motion 03

Table 21
Artisanal Imports - Austin, TX
Aspall Dry
Aspall Blush
Aspall Imperial
Craigie’s Ballyhook Flyer

Table 22
E.Z. Orchards – Salem, OR  Est. 2009
Hawk Haus Cider
Semi Dry
Roman Beauty

Table 23
Blakes Hard Cider – Armada, MI  Est. 2012
El Chavo
Grizzly Pear
Flannel Mouth
Shel’s Tree (Oaked Cider Challenge)

Table 24
Eden Specialty Ciders – Newport, VT  Est. 2007
Sparkling Dry Cider
Imperial 11° Rose
Heirloom Blend Ice Cider

Table 25
Farnum Hill Ciders – Lebanon, NH  Est. 1995
Extra Dry
Semi Dry
Cider Grown Collaboration

Table 26
Stormalong Cider – Sherborn, MA  Est. 2014
Legendary Dry
Dry Hop
Mass Appeal

Table 27
The Cider Farm – Mineral Point, WI  Est. 2003
Classic Dry

Table 28
Eris Brewery & Cider House – Chicago, IL  Est. 2018

Table 29
Farmhaus Cider – Hudsonville, MI  Est. 2013
Sweater Weather
Caramel Oaked Chai Cider (Oaked Cider Challenge)

Table 30
Ferro Farms – Kettle Moraine, WI  Est. 2015
Ferro Farms Hard Cider

Table 31
Finnriver Farm & Cidery - Chimacum, WA  Est. 2008
Black Currant Cider
Habanero Cider
Oak & Apple Cider 

Table 32
Forbidden Fruit Cider  – Paw Paw, MI  Est. 2017
Original Cider
Cherry Cider

Table 33
Maeloc Cider - Galicia, Spain  Est. 2008
Maeloc Dry
Maeloc Blackberry
Maeloc Strawberry 

Table 34
Mission Trail Cider Co. – Bradley, CA  Est. 2014
Plum Jerkum
Hipster Hills - Pluot & Malvasia

Table 35
North Shore Cider – Evanston, IL  Est. 2017
Split Personality

Table 36
One Tree Hard Cider - Spokane, WA  Est. 2014
Lemon Basil Hard Cider
Huckleberry Hard Cider
Caramel Cinnamon Hard Cider 

Table 37
Pacific Coast Cider – Lodi, CA  Est. 2013
Pinot Grigio Cider
Blueberry Zin Cider
Mango Muscat Cider

Table 38
Prima Cider – Long Grove, IL  Est. 2011
Prima Most DRY
Prima Brut DRY
Prima Barrique DRY 

Table 39
Ramborn Cider – Born, Luxembourg  Est. 2016
Ramborn Original
Ramborn Perry 

Table 40
Samuel Smith’s – Tadcaster, England  Est. 1758
Organic Perry
Organic Cider
Black Velvet Cider Cocktail

Table 41
Cider House of WI – McFarland, WI  Est. 2011
Black Dragon
Cherry Flight
Meowee Wowee 

Table 42
Seattle Cider Company – Seattle, WA  Est. 2013
Tangerine Turmeric
Basil Mint
Cold Brew 

Table 43
Shacksbury Cider – Vergennes, VT  Est. 2013
Lost and Found 

Table 44
Sietsma Cider – Ada, MI  Est. 2012
Lemon Grass Cider
Dry Hopped Cider
Traditional Dry

Table 45
Somersby Cider – Copenhagen, Denmark  Est. 2008
Somersby Apple Cider

Table 46
Starcut Ciders – Elk Rapids, MI  Est. 2014
Pulsar - Dry Modern Cider
Squishy - Semi-Sweet Fruit Cider
Bucket - Semi-Dry Fruit Cider 

Table 47
Sea Cider Farm & Cider House - Saanichton, BC  Est. 1996
Wild English

Worley’s Cider - Somerset, England  Est. 2007
Mendip Hills
Premium Vintage
Special Reserve Keeved 

Table 48
Tieton Cider Works – Tieton, WA Est. 2008
Tieton Hard Cherry Cider
Tieton Apricot Hard Cider
Tieton Wild Washington
Cider Summit Collaboration Cider

Table 49
Stem Ciders – Denver, CO Est. 2013
Coffee Cider
Raspberry Cider
Pear Cider

Table 50
Tandem Ciders – Suttons Bay, MI  Est. 2008
Bee’s Dream

Table 51
Vander Mill – Grand Rapids, MI  Est. 2006
Bon Chreiten
Chapman’s Blend
Deitrich Blend (Oaked Cider Challenge)

Table 52
Virtue Cider - Fennville, MI Est. 2011
Michigan Brut
Michigan Apple
The Mitten - Bourbon Barrel-Aged Cider

Table 53
Winesellers, Ltd - Niles, IL
Mayador Sparkling Sidra
Le Brun Brut Cidre de Bretagne    
Dunkertons Organic Dry
Dunkertons Organic Perry