2019 Product List
(subject to change based on product availability)

Table 1
2 Towns CiderhouseCorvallis, OR  Est. 2010
Easy Squeezy
The Bad Apple
Pacific Pineapple

Table 2
ACE Cider – Sebastopol, CA, Est. 1993
Ace Joker
Ace Pineapple

Table 3
Angry Orchard - Walden, NY Est. 2011

Table 4
101 Cider House - Los Angeles, CA Est. 2014
Black Dog
Cactus Rosé

Table 5
Embark Craft Ciderworks - Williamson, NY  Est. 2015
Strawberry Rhubarb

Table 6
Stoked Cider - Los Angeles, CA Est. 2017
Blue Palm

Table 7a
Aspall Cyder House – Suffolk, England  Est. 1728
Aspall Dry
Aspall Peronelle’s Blush
Aspall Grand Cru

Table 7b
E.Z. Orchards – Salem, OR  Est. 2000
Willamette Valley Cidre
Roman Beauty

Table 8
Blindwood Cider - Hayward, CA Est. 2016
Honey Sage
Ginger Peppercorn
Dry Hopped
Dry Apple

Table 9
B. United International - Redding, CT
Drouin Poire
Drouin Pays d’Auge
Dupont Bouche Brut
Fuchshof German Cider
Gurutzeta Euskal

Table 10
B. Nektar - Ferndale, MI  Est. 2008
Zombie Killer
Slice of Life
Necro Mead

Table 11
Two K Farms - Suttons Bay, MI Est. 2017

Table 12
Brooks Dry Cider - San Francisco, CA  Est. 2015

 Table 13
Ciders of Spain – Portland, OR  Est. 2012
Good Clean Funk
Pretty Dry Perry
Apple Blossom Buzz
Fanjul Sidra Natural

Table 14
Eden Specialty Ciders – Newport, VT  Est. 2008
Treebeard Hopped Cider
Imperial Rosé
Heritage Can

Table 15
California Caboose Cider - Healdsburg, CA Est. 2018
I think I Cran Cider
Lantern Lime Perry
Pineapple Express Perry

Table 16
Common Cider – Auburn, CA, Est. 2012
Blood Orange Tangerine
Blackberry Sangria
Ginger Pear

~ ————— Heritage Cider Pavilion ————— ~

Table 17
Ethic Ciders - Petaluma, CA Est. 2015
Heritage Blend

Table 18
Far Cider - St. Helena, CA Est. 2011
California Dry
Vintage Release

Table 19
Hidden Star Orchards - San Leandro, CA Est. 2002
Apple Wine
Cherry Seinfeld
Farmers Market Reserve

Table 20
Lassen Traditional Cider - Chico, CA Est. 2016
Farmhouse Dry Cider
Irvine Orchard Cider
Newtown Pippin

Table 21
Specific Gravity Cider – Sebastopol, CA  Est. 2013
Nana Mae Farmhouse
Nana Mae Wildside
Specific Gravity Gravenstein
TBD (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table 22
Sawhorse Cider - Sebastopol, CA Est. 2016
Sawhorse Cider

Table 23
Tilted Shed Ciderworks – Windsor, CA  Est. 2011
2017 Lost Orchard
2018 Inclinado
2017 Graviva

Table 24
Wrangletown Cider Co. - Eureka, CA  Est. 2015
Fieldbrook Nursery Orchard
Oak Barrel-Aged
Feisty Dog Orchard

Table 25
Gowan Heirloom Cider – Philo, CA  Est. 1876
~ ———————————-—— ~

Table 26
Golden State Cider - Healdsburg, CA  Est. 2012
Apple Hill
Fool’s Gold
Bay Brut
Mighty Dry

Table 27
The Far West Cider Company - Richmond, CA Est. 2016
Orchard Blend No. 1 Semi Dry
OB Amarillo Dry Hopped Cider
You Guava Be Kidding Me
TBD (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table 28
Goat Rock Cider Company - Healdsburg, CA Est. 2018
Gravenstein Blend
Hopped Cider
Barrel Aged Gravenstein
Rosé (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table 29
Hemly Cider - Courtland, CA  Est. 2015
Sloughhouse Jalapeno Pear Cider
Original Pear Cider
Pink Lady Apple Cider

Table 30
Horse & Plow - Sebastopol, CA  Est. 2008
Farmhouse Cider Sonoma Co.
Heirloom Cider Sonoma Co.
Hops & Honey Cider Sonoma Co.

Table 31
Humboldt Cider – Eureka, CA  Est. 2014
Friends w/Benefits
Sunset Rubdown (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table 32
Locust Cider - Woodinville, WA Est. 2015
Strawberry Hibiscus

Table 33
Mission Trail - Bradley, CA Est. 2014
You Can’t Hang the Nectarine
Jalisco Jones (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table 34
Portland Cider Company - Clackamas, OR Est. 2012
Kinda Dry
Pineapple Rosé

Table 35
J. Seeds Cider Whiskey - Fairfield, CA Est. 1966
J. Seeds Apple Cider Whiskey
Cold Press Shooter
Ginger Beer Cocktail
Apple Ginger Snap Cocktail

Table 36
Finnriver Farm & Cidery - Chimacum, WA  Est. 2008
Habanero Cider
Black Currant Cider
Honey Meadow Cider

Table 37
Domaine du Coquerel - Normandie, France Est. 1937
Coquerel Fine
Coquerel VSOP

Table 38
Indigeny Reserve – Sonora, CA  Est 2012
2018 Organic Granny Smith
TBD (Fruit Cider Challenge)
Organic Apple Brandy

Table 39
Lecompte Calvados - Notre-Dame-de-Courson, France Est. 1923
Calvados Originel
Calvados 5-year Old
Calvados 12-year Old

Table 40
Samuel Smith’s - Tadcaster, England Est. 1758
Organic Cider
Organic Perry
Snakebite Cider Cocktail (w/Imperial Stout)

Table 41
Menacing Fog Cider - San Leandro, CA Est. 2017
A Hard Cider

Table 42
Cyder Miloslawski - Miloslaw, Poland Est. 1889
Perry Miloslawski
Cyder Miloslawski

Table 43
Pacific Coast Cider – Lodi, CA  Est. 2014
RAW Apple
Apple Mango
Apple Blueberry Zinfandel

Table 44
Red Branch Cider - Sunnyvale, CA Est. 1995
Black Cherry
Tom Yum Cyser

Table 45
Redwood Coast Cider - San Carlos, CA  Est. 2015
Finnegan’s Triumph
Death-Grip on Shoggoth’s Handlebars
Krieky Shocks
TBD (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table 46
Santa Cruz Cider Company - Santa Cruz, CA Est. 2013
Hopped Apple
Apple City Blend
Strawberry Apple

Table 47
Redstone Meadery - Boulder, CO  Est. 2001
Apple Nectar
Passion Fruit Nectar
Rosé Nectar

Table 48
S&H Brands West - S. San Francisco, CA
Caple Rd. Cider Blend #3
Bembel Apfelwein Pur
Bembel Golden Cider
Bembel Hard Cider Cherry

Table 49
Seattle Cider Co. -  Seattle, WA  Est. 2013
Cider Summit Reserve
Basil Mint

Table 50
Santa Cruz Scrumpy Hard Cider – Felton, CA  Est. 2009
Gravenstein Gratitude Hard Cider
Pomegranate Hard Cider
Olly Olly Olallieberry Hard Cider

Table 51
Tag + Jug Cider – San Franisco, CA  Est. 2013
Brut Cider
Rosé du Cidre
TBD (Fruit Cider Challenge) 

Table 52
Two Rivers Cider Company – Sacramento, CA Est. 1996
Passionfruit Guava (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table 53
Virtue Cider - Fennville, MI Est. 2011
Mezzo Spritz

Table 54
WildCraft Cider Works - Eugene, OR Est. 2014
Elderflower Quince
Blackberry Gin Botanical
Willamette Heritage

Table 55
South City Ciderworks – San Bruno, CA  Est. 2015
Dry Me a River
All the Good Hopped Names Were Taken
Spider Bites
TBD (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table 56
Stem Ciders - Denver, CO Est. 2013
Real Dry
A Salted Cucumber
Hibiscus Session

Table 57
Pear UP - East Wenatchee, WA Est. 2014
Watermelon Pear
Ginger Pear
Hoppin’ Pear
Grapefruit Pear (Fruit Cider Challenge)