The 2019 Cider Summit Portland product list will be updated in late May.
Selections below are from the 2018 festival.

Table 1
Alter Ego Cider - Portland, OR  Est. 2014
Peach Orange Cran Cider
Blueberry Pomegranata Cider
Apple Cider “The Brute”

Table 2
^5 Cider - Portland, OR  Est. 2016
Strawbassarous Hop
Wolcott Family Sour
Hop Herder
TBD (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table 3
Apple Outlaw - Applegate, OR  Est. 2013
Oregon Blackberry
Pura Vida Pineapple
Jefferson Dry
TBD (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table 4
Bad Granny Hard Cider - Lake Chelan, WA  Est. 2016
Honey Crisp
Rainier Cherry
Black Currant
Oaked Pear

Table 5
Baird & Dewar Farmhouse Cider - Portland, OR  Est. 2012
2014 Constitution
2014 Farmhouse
Sour Kriek Cherry
TBD - (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table 6
Aspall Cyderhouse - Suffolk, Eng.  Est. 1728
Aspall Dry          
Aspall Peronnelle’s Blush
Aspall Imperial

              Craigie’s Ballyhook Flyer - Wicklund, Ireland  Est. 2011

              E.Z. Orchards - Salem, OR  Est. 2009
Hawk Haus Cider
Roman Beauty

Table 7
Angry Orchard - Walden, NY  Est. 2011
Understood in Motion 3
Oval Nouveau

Table 8
Blue Mountain Cider Co. - Milton-Freewater, OR  Est. 2003
Rita Limely
Berry Limely     
Pete Limely

Table 9
Bull Run Cider - Forest Grove, OR  Est. 2010
Gravenstein SV
Powerhouse Dry
Bramble Berry
Pineapple Perry (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table 10
Carlton Cyderworks - McMinville, OR  Est. 2008
Summer Set - Crab Apple Blend
Citizen - Semi-Dry English Style
Rhuberry - Raspberry & Rhubarb
Pomegranate (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table 11
Cider Riot! - Portland, OR  Est. 2013
1763 Revolutionary West Country
Everyday Berry
Workers Playtime Beet & Hibiscus
Slam Dance Tequila Barrel Aged Peach (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table 12
Ciders of Spain - Newport, RI  Est. 2012
Good Clean Funk
Pretty Dry Perry
Fanjul Sidra Natural
Viuda de Angelon Sidra 1947

 Table 13
Avid Cider Company - Bend, OR  Est. 2013

Table 14
Dragon’s Head Cider - Vashon, WA  Est. 2011
Wild Fermented Cider
Traditional Cider

Table 15
Finnriver Farm & Cidery - Chimacum, WA  Est. 2008
Sidra Cider
Habanero Cider
Lavender Black Currant

Table 16
Golden State Cider - Sebastopol, CA  Est. 2012
Brut Cider
Gingergrass Cider
Newtown Pippin            

Table 17
Hopworks Urban Brewery - Portland, OR  Est. 2007
HUB Cider
Pineapple Cider

Table 18
Jester & Judge - Stevenson, WA  Est. 2015

Table 19
Reverend Nat’s - Portland, OR  Est. 2011
Sacrilege Sour Cherry
Tepache with beer
Shoot the Glass
Viva La Pineapple w/Passionfruit & Oak (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table 20
Liberty Ciderworks - Spokane, WA  Est. 2012
Stonewall Barrel-Aged Cider
Heirloom Series Newtown Pippin SV
Tumcoast Dry Hopped Cider

Table 21
Locust Cider - Woodinville, WA  Est. 2015
Thai Ginger Lemongrass
Newtown Pippen Unfiltered

Table 22
New West Cider - Portland, OR  Est. 2013
Eleanor Rose Velt
True Love
Cherry It’s on Fire (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table 23
Louis Raison French Cidre - Roubaix, France  Est. 1923
Rouge Delice
Organic Dry
Original Crisp

Table 24
Red Tank Cider - Bend, OR  Est. 2013
Dry Raspberry
White Cherry

Table 25
Manoir du Parc - St. Joseph, France  Est. 1925
Authentic Cidre
Authentic Poire

Table 26
Samuel Smith’s Brewery - Tadcaster, England  Est. 1758
Organic Cider
Organic Perry
Black Velvet cider cocktail

Table 27
Snowdrift Cider - Wenatchee, WA  Est. 2008

Table 28
Spire Mountain Ciders - Olympia, WA  Est. 1993
Dark & Dry Apple
Sparkling Pear
Blackberry Pear Cider

Table 29
Square Mile Cider Co. - Portland, OR  Est. 2013
The Original
Hopped Apple Cider
Rose Apple Cider

Table 30
Sea Cider - Saanichton, BC  Est. 2007
Birds and the Bees Honey & Apple
Pippins - Semi Dry SV Sparkling
Prohibition Rum Barrel

Table 31
12 Bridge Ciderworks - Oregon City, OR  Est. 2017
Hawthorne Apple
Tilikum Tropic Thunder Passionfruit-Blueberry
Steel Black Cherry

Table 32
2 Towns/Traditions - Corvallis, OR  Est. 2010
Cidre Bouche
Easy Peasy
Pacific Pineapple
Peach Bourbon (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table 33
Mission Trail - Bradley, CA Est. 2014
Kiwifornia - 100% Kiwi
Shinko - Asian Perry
Hipster Hills
Jalisco Jones (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table 34
Pear Up - E. Wenatchee, WA  Est. 2014
Watermelon Pear
Pear Essentials
Pearjito Colada
Blood Orange Pear (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table 35
Portland Cider - Clackamas, OR  Est. 2012
Honey Lavender
TBD (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table 36
Schilling Cider - Auburn, WA  Est. 2012
London Dry
Lumberjack Rhubarb
Ascender Ginger
Grapefruit and Chill
TBD (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table 37
Stone Circle Cider - Estacada, OR  Est. 2015
Farmhouse Dry
Farmhouse Sour Cherry
Farmhouse Sweet

Table 38
Swift Cider - Portland, OR  Est. 2011
Pineapple Hop
TBD (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table 39
Tumalo Cider Co. - Bend, OR  Est. 2015
Farmhouse Raspberry
Prickly Passion
Ginger Oak
Farmhouse Plum (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table 40
Ulee’s Light Cider - Portland, OR  Est. 2016
Ulee’s Dry Light Cider
Ulee’s Bing Cherry Light Cider

Table 41
Winesellers, Ltd.  Est. 1978
Le Brun Cidre de Bretagne
Dunkerton’s Dry Organic
Mayador Sidra Natural

Table 42
Wandering Aengus/Anthem - Salem, OR  Est. 2005
Wandering Aengus Golden Russett
Wandering Aengus Oaked Dry
Wandering Aengus Byrd
W-A Funk Remix (Fruit Cider Challenge)
Anthem Watermelon Gose
Anthem Blackberry Pear
Anthem BreakCider Tea

Table 43
Seattle Cider Co. - Seattle, WA  Est. 2013
Lavender Lemon
Cucumber Hibiscus
Tangerine Tumeric

Table 44
Tieton Cider Works - Yakima, WA  Est. 2008
Wild Apple
Cider Summit Collaboration Cider
Bourbon Peach Cider (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table 45
Wildcraft Cider Works - Eugene, OR   Est.  2014
Elderflower Quince - Dry
Barrel Aged Kiwi Sour - Dry
Farmhouse Batch 12 - Dry

Table 46
1859 Cider Co. - Salem, OR  Est. 2016
Limited Release

Table 47
Bandon Rain - Bandon, OR  Est. 2016
Jasmine Blush
Don’t Burn Gorse

Table 48
Bauman’s Century Farm - Gervais, OR  Est. 2015
Logan Berry Cider
Clyde’s Dry
Peach Raspberry
TBD - (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table 49
La Familia Hard Cider - Salem, OR  Est. 2017
Jamaica Hibiscus Semi Sweet
Tamarindo Sweet & Tart
Guayaba Guava

Table 50
TooleyBender Cider - Battle Ground, WA  Est. 2015
Pineapple Paradise
Boulder Blackberry
Raspberry Haskap

Table 51
Woodbox Cider Company - Portland, OR  Est. 2016
Hibiscus Grapefruit Dry
Heritage - Imperial Dry
Double Barrel Ice Cider
Peach Bourbon Barrel Dry (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table 52
Author Mead Co. - Vancouver, WA  Est. 2017
Raspberry Sour Draft Mead
Marionberry Draft Mead
Semi-Sweet Draft Mead

Table 53
Moonlight Meadery - Londonderry, NH  Est. 2010
Little Apples
Thirteen 5
Kurt’s Apple Pie
Last Apple

Table 54
Hi-Wheel Fizzy Wine Co. - Portland, OR  Est. 2014
Lavender Lemon
Lime Habanero
Passion Fruit
Apricot (Fruit Cider Challenge)

Table 55
J. Seeds Cider Whiskey - Fairfield, CA
Apple Cider Whiskey
Apple Ginger Snap Cocktail
Summer Smash Cocktail
Hot Apple Toddy

Table 56
Incline Cider Co. - Auburn, WA  Est. 2015
Compass Rose Hibiscus
Scout Marionberry
Compass Rose

Table 57
d’s Wicked - Ellensburg, WA  Est. 2012
Baked Apple
Green Apple
Troppi Poppi (Fruit Cider Challenge)