2019 Selections
(please note some products may not be available or replaced due to circumstances beyond our control)

Table 1
2 Towns Ciderhouse - Corvallis, OR  Est. 2010
Kingston Black
Hollow Jack’d
Easy Squeezy

Table 2
Avid Cider Company - Bend, OR  Est. 2013

Table 3
Bad Granny Hard Cider - Entiat, WA  Est. 2016
Nice Pear
Rainier Cherry
Ginger Lime

Table 4
Herb’s Cider - Bellingham, WA Est. 2017
Double Stroke Dry
Rim Shot Hazy Hopped
Black Note Blackberry
Bitter Sharp
Bitter Sweet Plum Jerkum (FCC)

Table 5
Alter Ego Cider - Portland, OR  Est. 2014
The Guardian Angel
Strawberry Margarita
The Brut
Grapefruit Guava (FCC)

Table 6
Anthem Cider - Salem, OR Est. 2010
Wandering Aengus Ciderworks - Salem, OR  Est. 2005
Anthem Honeycrisp
Anthem Watermelon
Wandering Aengus Byrd

Table 7
Archibald James - Cashmere, WA Est. 2018
Heirloom Field Blend
Cider Apple Field Blend

Table 8
Bauman’s Cider - Gervais, OR Est. 2015
Lemon Lavender
Old Mule
Kir Royale (FCC)

Table 9
Brownrigg Hard Cider - Seattle, WA Est. 2017
Unfiltered Dry
Honey Fennel Chai
Cherry Cardamom
Strawberry Gin Punch (FCC)

Table 10
Cider Riot! - Portland, OR  Est. 2013
Kingston Black Single Varietal
Red Beet Worker’s Playtime
Everyday Passionfruit
Strawberry Sage (FCC)

Table 11
Ciders of Spain - Portland, OR  Est. 2012
Good Clean Funk
Pretty Dry Perry
Apple Blossom Buzz
Fanjul Sidra Natural

Table 12
d’s Wicked - Kennewick, WA  Est. 2009
Baked Apple
Green Apple

Table 13
Double Mountain - Hood River, OR Est. 2007
Dry Cider

Table 14
Finnriver Farm & Cidery - Chimacum, WA  Est. 2008
Forest Ginger

Table 15
Greenwood Cider Company - Seattle, WA Est. 2014
Fire-Roasted Pepper
Whiskey Barrel Asian Pear
Black Currant Session Cyser (FCC)

Table 16
Independent Cider - Dryden, WA Est. 2018
Sno Gem Dry Perry
Lavender Perry
Semi Dry Bartlett

Table 17
Locust Cider - Woodinville, WA  Est. 2015
Vanilla Bean
Dark Cherry

Table 18
Pear Up - E. Wenatchee, WA  Est. 2013
Grapefruit Pear
Watermelon Pear
Ginger Pear
Peargria II (FCC)

Table 19
Capitol Cider - Seattle, WA
Rotating selection of cider cocktails

~ J. Seeds Cider Cocktail and Spirits Lounge ~
Table 20
Samuel Smith’s Brewery - Tadcaster, England  Est. 1758
Organic Cider
Organic Perry
Black Velvet (Cider & Stout)

Table 21
Beauchamp Imports - Seattle, WA Est. 2016
Kupela Demi Sec Bizia Cider
Herout Pommeau de Normandie AOC
Pierre Huet XO Calvados

Table 22
J. Seeds Cider Whiskey - Fairfield, CA
Apple Cider Whiskey
Apple Ginger Snap Cocktail
Cold Press Shooter Cocktail

Table 23
Crown Royal Regal Apple
Ciroc Apple
Captain Morgan Apple Smash
Smirnoff Green Apple
Table 24

Portland Cider - Clackamas, OR  Est. 2012
Pineapple Rose’
Peach Berry
Key to the City (FCC)

Table 25
Schilling Cider - Auburn, WA  Est. 2012
Grapefruit and Chill
Tickle Mint Pink (FCC)

Table 26
Seattle Cider Co. - Seattle, WA  Est. 2013
Cider Summit Reserve
Apricot Olong
Strawberry Guava
Spiced Peach

Table 27
Idun Cider Company - Seattle, WA Est. 2018
Heirloom Dry

Table 28
Incline Cider Co. - Auburn, WA  Est. 2015
White Peach Cider
Compass Rose’ Cider
Hopped Cider

Table 29
Jester & Judge - Stevenson, WA  Est. 2015
Pineapple Express
Blueberry Lemon

Table 30
Longdrop Cider - Peshastin, WA Est. 2014
Vanilla Honey
Prickly Pear
Mango Habanero (FCC)

Table 31
Manchester Road Cider - Chelan, WA Est. 2014
AppleSox Red
Sangria Cider (FCC)

Table 32
Newtopia Cyder - San Diego, CA Est. 2016
Passionate Mishap
Chai Me a River

Table 33
One Tree Hard Cider - Spokane, WA Est. 2014
Lemon Basil

Table 34
D&V International / Miloslawski
Perry Miloslawski
Cydr Miloslawski

Table 35
Browar Polska Imports
Possmann Apfelwein
Possman Pure Rose’
Ruwet Belgian Cider

Table 36
S&H Independent Brands West
Caple Rd. Cider
Bembel with Care Pur
Bembel with Care Kirsch

Table 37
Reverend Nat’s - Portland, OR  Est. 2011
Viva la Pineapple
Saint Citron

Table 38
Tart Hard Cider - Tumwater, WA Est. 2016
Root Beer
Pocket Gopher Blackberry (FCC)

~ Heritage Cider Pavilion ~
Table 39H
Alpenfire Cider - Port Townsend, WA Est. 2006
Pirates Plank - Estate Old World Dry 2018
Discovery Trail - Traditional Still Cider 2017
Kingston Black - Estate Single Varietal 2018

Table 40H
Chatter Creek Cider - Woodinville, WA Est. 1996
Ashmead’s Kernel
Kingston Black
Heritage Blend

Table 41H
Dragon’s Head Cider - Vashon, WA  Est. 2011
Heritage Rose’ Cider
Kingston Black Cider

Table 42H
Eaglemount Wine and Cider - Port Townsend, WA Est. 2006
Rhubarb Cider
Homestead Dry Cider
Quince Cider
Apple Dessert Wine
Cherry (FCC)

Table 43H
Eden Specialty Ciders - Newport, VT Est. 2008
Imperial Rose’
Harvest Canned Cider
Heirloom Ice Cider
Brut Nature
Orleans Bitter

Table 44H
Liberty Ciderworks - Spokane, WA  Est. 2013
English Style
Heirloom Series Newtown Pippin SV
Manchurian Crabapple Cider

Table 45H
Sea Cider - Saanichton, BC  Est. 2007
Witch’s Broom Gin & Brandy Spiced Fall Cider
Bittersweet Estate-Grown Cider
Prohibition Rum Barrel Cider

Table 46H
Snowdrift Cider - E. Wenatchee, WA Est. 2009
Semi-Dry Perry

Table 47
Soundbite Cider - Everett, WA Est. 2019
Yup, That’s Dry!
Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Cherry Bomb
Two Plums Up

Table 48
Swift Cider - Portland, OR Est. 2015
Guava Peach
Tropic Heat (FCC)

Table 49
Union Hill Cider - E. Wenatchee, WA Est. 2018
Hard Harvest

Table 50
Virtue Cider - Fennville, MI Est. 2011
Cider Rose’
Washington Cherry

Table 51
Washington Gold Cider - Chelan, WA Est. 2010
Spiced Apple Cider
NW Raspberry
Golden Delicious

Table 52
Wildcraft Cider Works - Eugene, OR   Est.  2014
Wild Rose
Mirabelle Plum
Rome Beauty

Table 53
Tieton Cider Works - Yakima, WA  Est. 2008
Organic Apple Cider
Harrison “The Survivor” Dry Cider
Bourbon Barrel Peach Cider

Table 54
Ulee’s Light Cider - Portland, OR Est. 2016
Light Cider Dry
Light Cider Bing Cherry
Light Cider Citra